Smh, Penis Found In 80 Pound Yellowfin Tuna…

A group of fishermen from Florida had the shock of their life while on a fishing charter. After landing an 80 pound Yellow-fin tuna, elation quickly turned into horror, for fisherman Jerry Masterson. He made the gruesome discovery while filetting his prized catch on the boat.

” I had just made a cut behind the fish head and through its belly, ┬ámy first reaction was one of disgust because there was a terrible smell of decomposing meat coming from its stomach. Masterson stated, “inside the fishes stomach was an awful site, there was mo mistaking that was a man’s penis and testicles.”

The vessel captain and crew all gathered to observe the shocking site. The fish and penis was immediately turned into authorities.

What a story, seriously you can’t make this shit up!



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