Large Tape Worms Found In Salmon Arrives In The USA.

Researchers found the Japanese broad tapeworm, aka Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense in salmon from the Alaskan coast. This worm is usually only found in fish from Asia’s Pacific coasts, CNN reports, but per a study in the Center For Disease Control (CDC’s) …Found the worm in the Chinook, Pink, Sockeye salmon as well as Rainbow trout. It would be careless  to think that the worm is not here on the west coast 

Sushi lovers need  to be more prudent and flash-freeze their fish thoroughly after they make purchases from the store. The CDC notes that “freezing or cooking the fish will annihilate Diphyllobothrium parasites.”

I for one i am glad that one of my new years resolution is to consume less sushi its very pricey, at the same time i can avoid all that nausea and diarrhea.

Source: USA Today

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